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In addtion to all of the resources listed above, Hunter on Tap subscribers will also get access to Hunter's video Series Please Sue Me TV! to learn more about the most common questions managers have.

Hire Fast!​

42:48 minutes

Course Highlights:


- It’s not an interview, it’s an audition.

- Behavior based T-Square Audition System

- The one reason an “A” player should come work for you.

- Legal do’s and don’ts

- What should the first day look like?

- Sample audition questions

Wage & Hour

29:31 minutes

Course Highlights:


- Wage & Hour checklist to access your audit risk.

- Know the difference between exempt and non-exempt.

- Unauthorized overtime must be paid.

- How can a senior vice-president, making $90,000 a year, be legally entitled to overtime?

Fire Fast!​

44:53 minutes

Course Highlights:


- Yes, you can discipline and fire for “attitude.”

- 3 simple firing options

- Do not document to fire!

- What does “at-will” actually mean?

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Thank you so much for your incredible presentation to our group. You’re helping my senior leadership team build their vocabulary and intuition…common sense about HR and will have an impact on our company for years to come.

Ken C.

Thank you for the presentation today.  My team and I really enjoyed it.  As soon as it was done my Assistant HR Manager said, “That was so awesome!  I feel like I learned more on that than any webinar we have done so far."

Derek V.

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