Had enough boring power point webinars that don’t give you any actionable items after 45 minutes? Or do you need something a bit quicker?


Will someone please get to the point!


I offer a number of resources for new supervisors, for more experienced supervisors looking for a quick refresher and for anyone in management who thinks that HR is making this stuff up.


Hire Fast!

42:48 minutes


You may have heard the old expression, “Hire slow, fire fast.” The updated version is, “Hire fast, fire fast.” This doesn’t mean you’ll always make the offer at the first interview. But you should be so well prepared you could!


Course Highlights:

- It’s not an interview, it’s an audition.

- Behavior based T-Square Audition System

- The one reason an “A” player should come work for you.

- Legal do’s and don’ts

- What should the first day look like?

- Sample audition questions


I’m constantly looking for that ‘one’ question that might make a difference. My current favorite: “To do your best work, how do you need to be managed?”

Fire Fast!

44:53 minutes


Termination is something management should be good at…not comfortable with. Management owes it to “A” players to demonstrate that they know the difference between great performance and toxic behavior.


Course Highlights:

-Yes, you can discipline and fire for “attitude.”

-3 simple firing options

-Do not document to fire!

-What does “at-will” actually mean?


This is a leadership issue. How many times has management fired someone and co-workers said, “What took you so long?”

Wage and Hour

29:31 minutes


If there’s a topic that presents the greatest legal liability risk, it’s this one! The consequences include multiple years of back pay and even jail time for management. There’s good reason why HR and Accounting want you to, dot-the-i’s-and-cross-the-t’s, about timecards, pay practices and management decision-making.


Course Highlights:

-Wage & Hour checklist to access your audit risk.

-Know the difference between exempt and non-exempt.

-Unauthorized overtime must be paid.

-How can a senior vice-president, making $90,000 a year, be legally entitled to overtime?


Don’t quit your management job in frustration with government over regulation. Understand how outsiders may look at your compensation procedures and fix them accordingly.

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