At my public presentations people will remark how much they wished their HR person heard this or my favorite, “Can you come back to work with me?”


As a result, I designed Hunter on Call to be an HR coaching service for one person HR departments.

Here's How Hunter on Call Works


The perfect balance of expertise and financial investment

  • Setting The Standard

    I’ll help you create and enforce HR policy across your business from the easy to complex and everything in between.

  • Works With What You Have

    Already have HR documents at your company? At your request, I’ll review your employee handbook and other internal documents suggesting necessary changes to ensure best practices and compliance.

  • Your HR Answer Man

    Unlimited direct contact for business owners and their HR point person during business hours either by phone, email or text.

  • Simple Billing Structure

    No hourly fees or additional billing. We structure the investment as a one time buy-in with no set expiration date.

I am not a lawyer and good legal advice is important. But do not let the attorney be the loudest voice in the room. Nor should HR be solely dependent on a Google search. Consider me an extension of your team and support for your HR decision-making.


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Read What Others Are Saying

Thank you for the presentation today.  My team and I really enjoyed it.  As soon as it was done my Assistant HR Manager said, “That was so awesome!  I feel like I learned more on that than any webinar we have done so far.

Derek V.

Hunter is the rare combination of subject expert plus top-level speaker plus entertainer. He knows his subject well – down to case law – and makes it easy, palatable, and fun. The message is solid, upbeat, fair, and humane for employers, good workers and those with potential, but uncompromising to whiners and malingerers.

Rick M.

Thank you so much for your incredible presentation to our group. You’re helping my senior leadership team build their vocabulary and intuition…common sense about HR and will have an impact on our company for years to come!

Ken C.

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