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Hunter is employment law pain relief for business owners and management at all levels. Whether it’s a keynote presentation, a conference breakout session, training your management team or serving as a coach to your one-person HR department, Hunter Lott alleviates the frustration and promotes better HR decision-making.


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  • Because HR just doesn’t make any sense!
  • Because you don’t have time to baby-sit!
  • Because employee lawsuits are expensive even if you win!
  • Because your HR director used to be your payroll clerk!
  • Because you haven’t looked at the employee handbook in years!
  • Because how many more boring, irrelevant, impractical HR presentations can you and your people take?

“Hunter is the rare combination of subject expert plus top-level speaker plus entertainer. He knows his subject well – down to case law – and makes it easy, palatable, and fun. The message is solid, upbeat, fair, and humane for employers, good workers and those with potential, but uncompromising to whiners and malingerers.”


Rick M.


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Hunter has delivered over 4000 “on stage” events, over 17,000 presentation hours and reviewed over 1200 employee handbooks. Hunter won accolades as a senior course leader for the American Management Association and as a speaker with the Society for Human Resource Management. Hunter is a Millennium designated speaker with Vistage and has earned both “Speaker of the Year” and “Impact Speaker of the Year” Vistage honors.


Hunter attended Tulane University in New Orleans, graduated from Iowa State and has a Master’s Degree in Employment Law from the Shepard Broad Law.




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Given that a particular jurisdiction may take a contractual interpretation of any handbook language, safety lies in writing concise, permissive policy versus voluminous, mandatory procedure. Concise, permissive language can elevate the employee handbook to “user-friendly” status by providing the appropriate balance of desired decision-maker control, defensible legal context and needed communication to employees.

Handbook Review Feedback

Wow!  Thanks for going through it in so much detail!  I was expecting a cursory, quick overview.  I REALLY appreciate your great suggestions.  I will implement them right away. :)

Jordan J.

I was in your presentation last week and absolutely loved your presentation and got a lot of value from it! I really appreciate all of your help and truly think your presentation saved us from a lot of potential legal trouble.

Kait H.

What People Say

Thank you so much for your incredible presentation to our group. You’re helping my senior leadership team build their vocabulary and intuition…common sense about HR and will have an impact on our company for years to come.

Ken C.

Thank you for the presentation today.  My team and I really enjoyed it.  As soon as it was done my Assistant HR Manager said, “That was so awesome!  I feel like I learned more on that than any webinar we have done so far."

Derek V.

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